English Garden CD

Day Tripper has just completed a new CD, "English Garden." The CD features 15 tracks by The Beatles, Stones, Chuck Berry, DC5 & Rod Stewart. English Garden is available at this website and additional locations will be announced shortly. The CD features Peter Bleicher: lead guitar, Oscar Decker: lead vocals, Steve Meador: drums & Dick Dooley: bass.

"English Garden" will also be available at our public venues.

New Collings Guitars

Decker & Bleicher found 2 Collings acoustic guitars in their hands in time for the Collings NAMM Event at the Continental Club in Austin on July 14, 2006. The D2H Dreadnought & the OM2H Sunburst Cutaway are phenomenal guitars and are being used in studio & live settings. Photos of these beautiful guitars will be appearing soon on the Day Tripper website.

Special thanks are in order for Bill Collings, Steve McCreary, the crew at Collings, and Pat Skrovan of Quincy's Guitars.

New Band Lineup

Day Tripper has just added 2 new band members. Grammy award winner Larry Seyer is on bass and Steve Meador is playing drums. To celebrate the new lineup, the band has just completed recording "Help" and "Nowhere Man." The sessions which began in April were completed on May 5th; the band sounds fantastic.

In The Beginning

Oscar Decker and Peter Bleicher began performing Beatles songs in Austin, TX in January of 1998. The Decker and Bleicher duo, performed for three years throughout the Austin area utilizing Martin acoustic guitars. The band changed their name to "Day Tripper" in March of 2002. Tom Wright, one of Decker's best friends, suggested the name. The "I'll Be Back" project took wings in November of 2002 and production continued through March of 2003. Phil Anstrom, lead guitarist for "Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes" engineered the project. In addition to Decker and Bleicher, the musicians on the original tracks included session drummer John Hahn and bassist Charles Deats.

Grammy Award winning sound engineer Larry Seyer mastered the final mixes in May of 2003. Contributing to the digital design and layout of the CD graphics was Russ Smith of ChocolateMedia.com. Oscar Decker shot the images of Westminster Abbey in London in 1998. Licensing for the original Beatle tracks was obtained via the Harry Fox Agency.

The band is currently promoting their new CD and playing live in the Republic of Texas.