DAY TRIPPER instruments used in the production of the "ENGLISH GARDEN" CD:

  • Peter Bleicher used a Collings OM2H Acoustic, a Fender 1963 Strat Re-issue & a Rickenbacker 330.
  • Oscar Decker used a Collings D2H Dreadnought, a Gibson ES125 Archtop Electric & Rickenbacker 325.
  • Steve Meador used a 1966 Ludwig drum set.
  • Dick Dooley used a Zon Elite Legacy Electric Bass

    Instruments used in the production of the "I'LL BE BACK" CD:

  • Martin D42 Acoustic Guitar (Decker)
  • Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar (Bleicher)
  • Rickenbacker 325 Electric Guitar (Decker)
  • Fender 1963 Stratocaster Re-issue (Bleicher)
  • Dean Electric Bass (Deats)